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New Logo, New Image

GRACE is based on Jiangsu China, and keeps the whole world development in view. Focuses on plastic extrusion and recycling equipment manufacturing field, GRACE is an equipment supplier integrating design, R&D, production, sales and service.
GRACE NEW LOGO is with glory promotion, to open a new chapter for brand strategic promotion by more simple and international new symbol and image.
NEW logo is composed by three colors - fresh “green”, gradual “orange” and “dark grey”, showing new image of GRACE.
Fresh “green” symbolizes major feature of green and environmental protection in plastic machine, life germinating and infinite hope, which inspires youthful GRACE team for continuous exploration and innovation!
Bright gradual “orange” is energy and passion of arising sun. It symbolizes as a rising-sun industry, plastic machine has board development prospect and GRACE is with youthful, vibrant team who will open bright and beautiful feature!
NEW LOGO, constant pursuit! GRACE sticks to its initial will and keeps passionate spirit for contentious exploration and innovation, stably progress!


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