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Ф315-800mm HDPE Pipe Extrusion Line

Recently, the customers in our customized production Ф 315-800 - mm HDPE pipe production line assembly completed, equipment debugging and stable operation of success! Customer for the grace of efficient, professional production staff and engineers gave high praise comments!
[Performance and Advantages]
Grace through many years of practical experience, the development and production of HDPE water supply pipe and gas pipe line its structure is unique, novel design, high degree of automation, convenient operation, continuous production, stable and reliable.The production lines of pipes with moderate rigidity and strength, and has good flexibility, creep resistance, environmental stress cracking resistance and good thermal performance, has become a city gas pipeline and service pipe product of choice for outdoor.\

Single Screw ExtruderThe German original m weight measuring system):
Host use new type high efficiency single screw extruder, application of advanced technology production, highly efficient feed, low friction, high output energy consumption than performance;Choose the efficient of the screw in the molten plasticizing process control, material melt was optimized, efficient and stable, so as to improve the production.
800mm HDPE Die Head
·Die adopts spiral structure design, high quality alloy steel forging, chrome plated surface treatment;
· Core electric heating temperature control method, temperature control precision is high;
·Heating coil partition, to mold the regional temperature adjusting controllable;
·Internal use air cooling device, ensure that effective control of mould core temperature.
Vacuum Tank: Vacuum shaping box adopts super-long design and has the advantages of rapid, efficient cooling;
Haul Off: 
·Tractor adopts multiple track structure, pipe force uniform, not changeful form, drawing more stable and reliable, can enable the stable drawing of the pipes;
·Each of the traction tracks can be independently controlled switch and meet the production requirements of different pipe diameter;
·Can adopt servo motor control;
Cutter feed way using both with and without chip crumbs cutting way, can for precise cutting of pipes;
Roll type pneumatic control, convenient operation.

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