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Grace in Egypt

Egypt is an important market for its significant cultural, political, economic influence in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa). As a member of the Greater Arab Free Trade Zone, Egypt has a close economic and trade relation with neighboring countries. Also, Egypt joins many regional economic organizations and COMESA(Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa).

In recent years, due to domestic currency instability and heavy tariffs on Chinese products in Egypt, the market for mechanical products with Chinese brands has been stagnant.

For Chinese plastic machinery enterprises, it all depends on their vision and patience to win a place in the Egyptian market. In order to break through the trade barriers, Grace has always been devoted to customizing design plans, solving technical problems and providing quality services for Egyptian customers with different market demands. In the past few years, Grace, with unremitting efforts, has already made a breakthrough and achieved success in the Egyptian market.

Grace has supplied a number of pipe lines in Egyptian market with good and active feedback from customers, and achieved a certain market share and good reputation. What’s more important, in the plastic recycling equipment, the PET washing line for Helan Group has been used for more than five years. And Grace has received not only good feedback from Helan Group, but also their willingness to a further cooperation. Both sides reach a consensus on plastic recycling and protection of the Earth's resources.
In order to better meet the needs of local customers and improve our service, Grace has established a warehouse for the storage of accessories according to the actual situation in the Egyptian market. An exhibition center is also under plan. The warehouse can satisfy the demands for accessories in Egypt as well as the MENA. All of these can lay a solid foundation for a long-term development for Grace in the whole MENA.

Looking ahead, Grace is willing to move forward with the concept of higher quality products, efficient service and continuous innovation, aiming at becoming a new name card of Made in China and a benchmark in Egypt and the MENA.

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