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GRACE Signed Machine Cooperation Agreements with TOTAL & LEGRAND

Recently, GRACE has successfully signed machine cooperation agreements with France TOTAL and LEGRAND. All parties agree to dedicate to deep cooperation in plastic extrusion field, especially in joint development of special machine. It should be noticed that GRACE has become the only Chinese plastic extrusion machine cooperative partner to TOTAL global business.
TOTAL is among the world's four largest petrochemical companies, headquartered in Paris, France. It has customers from over 130 countries globally and covers the whole petroleum and natural gas industry chain. It has over 120,000 employees and many branches and subsidiaries of TOTAL, it constitutes the fourth largest petroleum and natural gas integrative company. Its business covers the entire petroleum and natural gas chain, from petroleum and natural gas exploration to natural gas downstream (including power generation), transportation, refining, petroleum product marketing, and international trade on crude oil and refined oil product. TOTAL is also the major chemicals manufacturer in the world.
Legrand is the global leading electrical supplier, with over 30,000 employees. Its switch and socket (20% of market share) and cable management (14% of market share) enjoy global leading position. It has branches and subsidiaries in over 70 countries, annual sales over 4.5 billion Euros.

In recent years, GRACE is dedicating to the combination of machine and technology. By excellent design technology and stable and reliable quality control, GRACE has already established its own brand in traditional middle and high level European and America markets. Via cooperation with TOTAL and Legrand in plastic shaping field especially TPE field, GRACE actively create new industry growth besides traditional technology field.

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